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If you wish to sell your Marshall Catboat or Sakonnet 23, please contact Charlie to discuss the procedure to list your boat. We will provide a fair appraisal and guide you towards the best strategy to sell your boat for a fair value in a timely fashion. Should you choose to list your boat with us we require a photocopy of all relevant Titles and registrations.

15' Sandpipers


2008 Sandpiper

This 2008 build is a wonderful example of the Marshall Sandpiper and is in fantastic condition. Extremely well appointed the equipment list includes most every desirable option we offer, all of which are in excellent working order.  The boat’s owner has been meticulous with its maintenance and it shows from the hull, rig, sail and canvas.  Perfectly set up for daysailing or racing this is a great boat. If you have been looking for a turn-key Sandpiper do not miss this opportunity.

Asking $19,000

Shatz Sea

2005 Sandpiper

Shatz Sea is a 2005 Sandpiper that has been well cared for by her only owner. Her list of options includes the Harken mainsheet system, outboard bracket and a Load Rite trailer.  Structurally and cosmetically in great shape, including all of the boats gear, Shatz Sea needs little more than a fresh coat of bottom paint to be ready to sail away. A great boat for daysailing or racing in the local Sandpiper fleet.

Asking: $15,500

2000 Sandpiper

This 2000 Marshall Sandpiper is in great condition and looking for a new home. The boat is well equipped with most of the options Sandpiper owners desire: Harken mainsheet system, lazy jacks, custom storage shelf under the deck and a Honda 4hp 4-stroke outboard. Well cared for, her brightwork is in top shape and needs only a fresh coat of bottom paint to be ready for the coming season. If you have been looking for a Sandpiper that is ready to go here is a great opportunity.

Asking $15,000


1981 Sandpiper (Cuddy)

Ancy is a 1981 Sandpiper Cuddy looking for a new home. She is in need of some cosmetic attention and has been priced accordingly. Structurally sound, Ancy includes the mast hinge, hand rails on the cabin top and a trailer that has just received some road worthy repairs. With some reconditioning of her teak and some new running rigging Ancy will be back to ship shape and ready to provide many more years of enjoyment on the water.

Asking: $8,000

18' Sanderlings


2007 Sanderling

Cygnet is the classic Marshall Marine Sanderling that is in excellent condition. The boat has been very well cared for by her only owner and is well appointed. Cygnet has all of the most desired options: Mast hinge, Harken mainsheet system, Tohatsu 6hp 4-stroke outboard and a Load Rite trailer. Her owners have moved up to a larger boat and with little more than a fresh coat of bottom paint needed before launching this is a great boat looking for a new home.

Asking $34,000

2005 Sanderling (Inboard)

This 2005 Sanderling is a very unique boat. With almost every option we offer the owner upped the ante by adding a beautiful assortment of teak and cedar trim along with wheel steering. Due to a series of unexpected events this boat has only been used a handful of times since it was built and is in phenomenal condition. Unable to find the time to enjoy the boat the owner has decided to find it a new home.   If you have been looking for a Marshall Sanderling that is extremely well equipped and  turn-key, this may be just what you are looking for.

Asking: $40,000

Misty Morning

1996 Marshall Sanderling

Misty Morning is a 1996 Sanderling that is in excellent condition. The boat has spent the last three off-seasons at Marshall marine and has recently undergone extensive reconditioning with a new mast hinge, new cockpit bench seats and fresh paint on the spars and cockpit. The time has come to find Misty Morning a new home, so if you have been searching for a Sanderling that is ready to launch MISTY MORNING is definitely worth your attention.

Asking $18,000

Kathryn Rose

1995 Sanderling (Inboard)

Kathryn Rose is a 1995 Sanderling that the current owner has completely refit with many custom touches to the teak and hardware. This Sanderling also has the very rare wheel steering option. Extremely well equipped and updated at the hands of a skilled carpenter Kathryn Rose is in beautiful condition.

Asking: $42,500 Price Reduced


1991 Sanderling

Hobo is a 1991 Sanderling inboard model that is in very good condition. The boat has almost every option you could ask for including a hinged mast, Harken Mainsheet System, Yanmar 1GM10 diesel engine and a Load Rite trailer to name a few. Hobo has been well maintained by her current owner and Marshall Marine has been responsible for all annual engine maintenance. Hobo is a great boat with years of adventure on the water remaining in her future; just awaiting a new family.

Asking: $22,000 


1990 Sanderling (Inboard)

Quatre is a 1990 Sanderling in very good condition. The current owner of the boat has kept it yard maintained since it has been in his possession. Quatre has the inboard engine option with a Yanmar 1GM10 registering only 148 hours on it. Well optioned including the Harken Mainsheet system, mast hinge and a Load Rite trailer Quatre is now ready to find a new family to enjoy hours of adventure on the water. With very little needed to be ready for the coming season Quatre is a great boat worth your attention.

Asking: $19,550


1978 Sanderling (Custom Sloop)

Sunshine is a very unique Marshall Sanderling. Built in 1978 the boat was delivered to its original owner unfinished. Sunshine’s finish work included a custom wooden sloop rig, traditional wooden deck hardware and running rigging, custom storage in the cabin and a Honda Saildrive to round out the one-of-a-kind nature of this Sanderling. For the past decade Sunshine has been under the care of Marshall Marine during the offseason and is in good condition for her age. After much thought her current owner has decided it is now time for Sunshine to find a new family to enjoy. If you have an appreciation for tradition and have been looking for a special catboat that fits that need, Sunshine maybe just the right boat for you.

Asking: $12,000  Price Reduced

Jimmy D

1978 Sanderling

Jimmy D, a 1978 boat, is a solid example of the Marshall Sanderling. In need of mainly cosmetic attention, many upgrades have been made since its original build. A mast hinge now accompanies her list of options, the trailer was replaced in 2013 and the 8hp 2–Stroke outboard is in good running order. A good boat with all of the most desired options. With the application of a little elbow grease, this 1978 Sanderling will shine again and provide many more years of quality time on the water.

Asking $12,000


1972 Sanderling (Sloop)

Caper is a 1972 Sanderling that has been converted into a sloop rig. In solid condition Caper has most of the desired options including: mast hinge, bow sprit w/anchor roller, opening porthole and a Load Rite trailer. The owner has upgraded to a Marshall 22 and has decided to find Caper a new home.  Mainly in need of cosmetic attention this unique Sanderling is ready for a new family to enjoy many more years of adventure on the water.

Asking: $14,000


1973 Sanderling

Charlotte is an older model Sanderling that has been well maintained and has many of the more desired options. The boat has the mast hinge, Harken mainsheet system, cam cleats for the halyards and a newer trailer (2013) to name a few. Charlotte’s current owner has decided that it is time to find the boat a new home. The Marshall Sanderling a great family boat that is not only equally at home daysailing or racing, but also able to accommodate the occasional overnight.

Asking: $10,000




1972 Sanderling

Maggie is a 1972 Sanderling that has been completely refit by a skilled craftsman. Everything on this boat has been addressed from the cabin bulkheads to the cockpit and a new mast with the mast hinge. The cabin was just repainted and the bottom has a fresh coat of paint. Since the current owner has had possession of the boat it has only been in fresh water. Due to unforeseen circumstances Maggie is in need of a new home. This boat is turn-key and ready to give a new family years of adventure and enjoyment on the water.

Asking: $15,000


Marshall 22s


2015 Marshall 22

Popoki is one of Marshall Marine’s more recent builds, being completed in 2015, and has been kept in like-new condition. Due to unforeseen circumstances her owner is no longer able to spend time on the boat and unfortunately must find Popokia new home. This boat is well appointed including an impressive inventory of custom canvas to protect the brightwork. Simply put, a new boat without the new boat price tag. If you have been looking for a classically designed Marshall 22 in showroom condition Popoki may be the find.

Asking: $90,000


2014 Marshall 22

Merryheart is a 2014 Marshall 22 that is in fantastic condition. Well cared for, her owners have found little time to use the boat and the decision has been made that Merryheart deserves more attention than they are providing. Extremely well optioned this boat is well suited for either comfortable daysailing or extended cruising. Merryheart is turn-key, so if you have been thinking about a late model Marshall 22 or perhaps a new build, this boat is definitely worth your attention.

Asking: $85,000

Bald Eagle

1995 Marshall 22

Bald Eagle a 1995 Marshall 22 that is in very good condition. Well cared for and maintained by her current owner Bald Eagle is appointed with most all of the desired options. Included in that list are the Harken mainsheet system, Raymarine autopilot, shore power, teak & holly cabin sole and much more. As with all Marshall catboats her shallow draft gives you access to many hidden anchorages that other boats can’t reach. Few Marshall 22’s come onto the market in this condition, so if you have been looking for a classic cruiser ready to go Bald Eagle is definitely worth a look.

Asking $44,500 Price Reduced


1988 Marshall 22

Ontario is a 1988 Marshall 22 that is extremely well optioned and has been meticulously maintained by her owner. With most all of the options available at the time of her build her owner has added even more with a lightly used mainsail, new marine head, new shaft, stuffing box and cutlass bearing and a Fairclough winter cover. Ontario needs nothing to be ready to launch and sail away. The owners are moving on to other activities and it is time to let a new family enjoy years of adventure on the water. If you have been looking for a Marshall 22 ready to go Ontario is a must see.

Asking: $39,500


1988 Marshall 22 Sloop

Mary is a 1988 sloop rigged Marshall 22 in great shape. Well optioned, her current owner has taken very good care of the boat and it shows in her overall cosmetic condition. Moving on to a different boat Mary is now looking for a new family to enjoy time on the water with. The sloop rig offers a more balanced sail plan to this Marshall 22 and her shallow draft enables you to access shallow anchorages that other deeper draft boats cannot reach. If you have been thinking about a Marshall 22 Sloop, Mary is definitely worth a view. 

Asking $23,900  Price Reduced

Hanna Rose

1987 Marshall 22

Hanna Rose is a 1987 Marshall 22 presently located on the west coast. Well cared for by her current owners they no longer have the opportunity to spend time on the boat and have decided to find her a new home. This boat is well optioned and in good condition.

Asking: $25,000


1980 Marshall 22 Sloop

Ninigret is a 1980 Marshall 22 Sloop that has been well cared for by her current owner. Well optioned, her engine, sails and canvas are in good condition and professionally serviced every season. The boat’s cabin is clean and well appointed and the overall structure of the boat is solid. Ready for a new family to enjoy Ninigret needs only the typical preseason prep and cosmetic work to be ready for another year on the water.

Asking: $25,000


1980 Marshall 22 (Kit)

Eleanor is a 1982 Marshall 22 Kit. The hull and deck were purchased unfinished, so the owner was able to customize the cockpit and cabin to his liking. The cockpit is larger than standard, a custom companionway hatch increases open space when forward and the forward end of the cabin has a more open design. Not having used the boat enough over the past couple of seasons the owner has decided to find Eleanor a new home. A unique boat in solid condition Eleanor is ready for a new family to enjoy.

Asking: $20,000


1978 Marshall 22 Sloop

Priscilla is a 1978 Marshall 22 Sloop that has been stored indoors and yard maintained for her current owner. Well optioned, the boat’s cabin is clean and well appointed, the cockpit has teak floorboards with a custom table covering the engine box and the overall structure of the boat is solid. No longer having the free time to spend on the boat, Priscilla is ready to find a new home. Needing the typical preseason prep and cosmetic work this boat will be ready for another year on the water.

Asking: $25,000

Morning Star

1967 Marshall 22

Morning Star is a 1967 Marshall 22 that has been under Marshall Marine’s care since 2010. This particular boat has a very unique cabin with a v-berth, enclosed head and a custom forward hatch with traditional light prisms (4) to bring in natural light. The rudder was replaced in 2015 and the running rigging was replaced in 2016. Not having time to enjoy the boat as much as it deserves it is time to find Morning Star a new family to enjoy time with on the water.  Well maintained and in good shape for her age Morning Star is a very nice boat ready for more adventure. 

Asking: $25,000 Price Reduced

Sakonnet 23


2000 Sakonnet 23

Nirvana is a 2000 Sakonnet 23 that is in well cared for condition and ready for either a casual daysail or the Wednesday night PHRF series. Over the 2016 season many improvements to the boat were made. To name a few of those update: updated halyards, new cockpit cover, re-wired trailer w/new spare tire and this season a new mainsail. A fresh coat of bottom paint has just been applied making Nirvana immediately ready to launch.

Asking: $25,000




None at this time.